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From the beginning, the project was informed by substantial user research and interviews, and a strategic, interdisciplinary, and collaborative process that included many other vendors and stakeholders, and close involvement by The Shed’s executive team.

The ticket and membership systems are best of breed, and the site has already successfully managed the advanced sales for major events, including a Björk concert that was promoted to her millions-large fanclub, as well as visual arts exhibitions by contemporary artists, and harder-to-define programs like a collaboration between Gerhard Richter, Steve Reich, and Arvo Pärt.

The site is designed for inclusion and to build trust with users of all kinds – not only art experts. This is accomplished through clear explanations, through diverse representation at every level, through the creation of many points of transaction and engagement which directly invite the user to participate – and above all through respect for the user’s time as they navigate an efficient, modern system.

These goals are reinforced by the site’s heavy emphasis on mobile. When the Shed opens in April, a number of special features will be added specifically for use on site at The Shed.

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Year: 2019  Client: The Shed  Identity: Other Means  Ticketing partner: Made Media  Visitor experience partner: Intersection
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