E Pluribus: Out of Many

In 2020, The National Academy of Design hosted its Annual Exhibition online for the first time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Curated by Dr. Kelli Morgan, the annual presents recent work from National Academicians as they respond to the question: What new futures can be created if Americans stop pursuing the ideal of national unity and accept our reality as an incongruent collective?

The homepage features unique compositions that recall the salon-style hang used at early annuals. Artwork pages include artists’ reflections that give context to the work. Specifically, they speak to how the past year has impacted their lives and artistic practices.

Screencapture outofmany nationalacademy org artworks 23 trellis 2021 09 23 17 16 03
Screencapture outofmany nationalacademy org artworks 94 up from the people protest and change in dc 2021 09 24 14 28 01
Year: 2020  Client: National Academy of Design
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