Amant identity

looping animation showing a circular graph plot evolve into a fleuron shape
silkscreens lean against a galvanized fence
As it appears across various media and formats, the fleuron becomes an avatar, an asterisk, a pattern, a stamp, and even a “you are here” mark. The full identity system includes a color palette inspired by the natural and urban worlds, a new cut of the typeface Folio, and the 8.5:14 aspect ratio, to match legal size paper.
Several pages from the Amant brand guidelines document.
Screenshot of the Amant website backend showing the index of fleurons.
Poster cases at the Amant campus include some wayfinding with the flueron.
Amant’s wordmark and the fleuron are sometimes related spatially but never allowed to lock up–the brand adapts to different surfaces, materials, scales and contexts. Since Amant’s opening in 2019, the identity system has grown to include hats, signs, maps, posters, gifs, coffee cups, tote bags, exhibition graphics, brochures, and more.
Year: 2019  Client: Amant
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