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Founded in 1976, Printed Matter, Inc. is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination, understanding and appreciation of artists’ books and related publications. First established in Tribeca by Sol Lewitt and Lucy Lippard (among other important artists and art-workers) Printed Matter was developed in response to the growing interest in publications made by artists.


Tables, the most novel feature of the new site, let PM Staff and users alike create visual curations of products. Next to the “Add to cart” button on every product page is a similar but different “Add to table” button. Adding a product to a table begins a collection — this can be something practical like a wishlist, or, the collection can be used to support an accompanying essay, for example.

Editing a table is easy and fun. A draggable interface for positioning products and an object and color selector make this possible.

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Printed Matter’s online catalog is easily searchable and navigable. We wanted the website to act as a powerful tool. So now you can find what you were looking for if you were even looking for something in the first place; but like the store, you can also discover new books, artists, and publishers through surrounding content.

Each item is identifiable through a thumbnail and helpful metadata. Colored badges help further sort and identify items of interest.

On the site, there are 14,000 products for sale and a research archive of another 23,000. To see products that are out of stock and switch into archive mode, a “Wayback” checkbox can be activated.

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The checkout process is easy and streamlined. It integrates fully with the store’s current inventory. Users can create an account or check out as a guest.

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