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We designed the identity, invitation, and signage for Public Art Fund’s outdoor exhibition, People, at Brooklyn Bridge Park which features three new sculptures by Oscar Tuazon. The sculptures are composed of both natural (trees and water) and industrial materials (concrete and metals) that are joined together in a DIY/playful fashion.

We took a similar DIY approach by using industrial materials for signage and printed matter. For the identity and accompanying texts we took cues from psychedelia and Drop City (references for Tuazon) by exaggerating the length of the letterforms so that they appear taller and more figural. The invitation for the opening features the identity printed in a red wash on claycoat paper, which we liked for its unique combination of kraft paper and a white coated sheet.

The signage was printed directly on marine-grade plywood, and includes a map of the park to help visitors find their way to each sculpture.

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Year: 2012  Client: Public Art Fund
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