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Legacy City Design is a resource for architects, urban planners, and policy makers working in American post-industrial cities. A collaboration between research centers the Bond Center for a Just City at City College of New York and The American Assembly at Columbia University, the website combines two major features: a rich and ever-growing catalogue of detailed and visual project case studies; and a large amount of data and maps about the state of legacy cities in America. The site aso features an ambitious and growing “resources” area with related bibliographic information and numerous links to organizations working in the field. In this way, the site uses national research to enable direct local action.

A deep set of data-driven maps analyzes many facets of legacy cities in America. Transitions between each map allow users to explore data sets comparatively. Each data set also presents as a sorted table, and each row of the table opens to reveal more data about the city, as well as project case studies within each city. In this way, research data and creative design reinforce one another.

Year: 2015  Client: City College of New York
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