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Extending our work on the website and brand identity, we designed a signage system for Amant’s physical campus in Brooklyn by architects SO–IL. The signs range from permanent wayfinding and building identification (important for a space with three entrances) to programmatic digital signage.
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The forms draw from the modularity of the building materials, and the surfaces play on the building’s surprising yet vernacular materials. All make inventive use of the “fleuron”, a variable logo that appears in signage as a beacon, an asterisk, and a “you are here” marker.
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Two LED tickers, powered by Amant’s website, are “slow” digital signs that extend the website into physical space. An exterior poster case, visible from the street, provides a window into the campus, much like the website’s homepage. Desktop and mobile websites, identity, digital and traditional signage, and indoor and outdoor space, are all features of a single integrated ecosystem.
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Year: 2020  Client: Amant  Architect: SO–IL
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