Julia Kim Smith


Julia Kim Smith is an Asian American artist living in Baltimore. Her work is playful, political, and at times, viral.

We turned her portfolio into a game, table, or remote control: a little bit surreal and with a rather dry sense of humor. It’s lightweight and behaves in a natural way within the web browser, tablet, and phone.

Iphone02 2048 min

Other details include a flexible metadata section for each artwork, Facebook and Twitter buttons that blend, and special link arrows to tell you where you’re going.

This site is also the first installation of the new version of our content management system, Economy 4. Economy has moved to an “engine” under Rails version 4, to Postgresql from MySQL, to asset hosting on Amazon S3 via CloudFront, features a new editing interface, and has a number of other improvements and modernizations. It also remains compatible with MySQL. It is now compatible with Heroku for improved load balancing, and remains compatible with dedicated virtual private servers.

Year: 2014  Client: Julia Kim Smith
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