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The Whitney’s website, which we first launched in 2009 and then redesigned a second time in 2013 (shown below), features highly responsive pages that adapt from the largest displays all the way down to smartphones. Images are large and engaging, and pages combine many kinds of content.
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Rich exhibition pages

Above, this reduced image of the Carmen Herrera exhibition page shows that many kinds of content can be combined into a single long scroll, with tabs across the top to organize the information. Through this simple device, users encounter many exciting images, videos, and texts as they scroll; and users with a more focused goal can immediately jump to the content they are looking for.

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Extensive and easy to browse Watch and Listen area

Above, the navigation for the “Watch” area makes it easy for users to browse among categories, more specific tags, and individual artists. Small icons mark each piece of content as video or audio. On individual audio and video pages, related videos, audios, exhibitions, artworks, and events are also linked and visually displayed.

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Whitney Stories

An ongoing series of videos and posts produced and published by Whitney staff help articulate the museum’s institutional history in greater depth while simultaneously relaying the more anecdotal, behind-the-scenes stories that make the museum unique to those who work and exhibit there.

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