Brooklyn Public Library Adams St branch signage and murals

Photo of Brooklyn Public Library from Manhattan
The word "Library" in huge white letters on the brick facade
The words "Brooklyn Public Library" in smaller metal letters on the other wall of the facade
A vitrine with the library's logo and the branch's hours inside the huge white stem of the Y in "Library"
The info desk inside the library, with the word "Info" and a giant halftone wall mural of flowers
A halftone mural of a piece of the Manhattan bridge and a cloud in the sky, in the hallway
Our approach to signage design emphasizes text, legibility, and sight lines. The word “LIBRARY,” a civic service, is visible from across the river and from the next block. Cutouts and sight lines inside make services evident and accessible to all visitors, following paths that transition from the city into the library, all the way to individual books. And supersize murals dissolve into patterns of halftone dots as kids and adults approach them, similar to a book printing process. Since a library serves as both a place and a space for reading, the murals depict local flora, East River fish, clouds, and the nearby bridge lowered to kid height.
Photo of wayfinding directionals seen through an ellipse-shaped wall cutout in the kids area
Photo of book dividers on the hold shelves, with alphabet letters, shaped and colored similarly to the inverse of the kids area wall cutout
Orange halftone fish mural in the tunnel ramp leading from the kids area to the lobby area, with the grayscale halftone info desk flower mural visible at the end
Detail of the halftones in the orange fish mural
View into the kids tunnel, with the hold shelves and "Kids" sign in the middle ground
Closeup of the "Kids" sign next to the access tunnel to the kids area, with braille
Photo of work tables, with changeable message signs on the tables advertising upcoming events and free wifi. In the background are cubes on the book shelves labeling each section.
Photo of the grayscale halftone mural in the rear hallway, showing clouds in the sky
Year: 2021  Client: Brooklyn Public Library  Architect: WORKac  Photos on this page: Hanna Grankvist  Photo from Manhattan: Gregg Richards
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