Brooklyn Public Library Adams St branch signage and murals

Photo of Brooklyn Public Library from Manhattan
Brooklyn Public Library—facade large lettering
Brooklyn Public Library—info desk
BPL—bridge and sky mural

Our approach to signage design emphasizes text, legibility, and sight lines. The word “LIBRARY,” a civic service, is visible from across the river and from the next block. Cutouts and sight lines inside make services evident and accessible to all visitors. And supersize murals dissolve into patterns of halftone dots as kids and adults approach them, similar to a book printing process. Since a library serves as both a place and a space for reading, the murals depict local flora, East River fish, clouds, and the nearby bridge lowered to kid height.

Photo credit: Hanna Grankvist. Photo from Manhattan: Gregg Richards.

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Year: 2021  Client: Brooklyn Public Library  Architect: WORKac
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