Future Expansion

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The website for Future Expansion is a plan that expands, contracts, and reshuffles itself. Each project, news item, or essay exists as a room in a plan that can be customized by each user on demand.

When you first visit the homepage, the plan yields a strange, enormous building to get lost within. Simultaneously it’s very generous, showing all content that exists on the site: a very literal site map. The size of the rooms correspond to the amount of content inside them, and their position is reverse-chronological, allowing most recent content to be seen first; but news clusters near the project it relates to.

The horizontal navigation is a series of checkboxes that let you filter what content you see while also offering you a general understanding of the scope of Future Expansion’s work. The site’s color evokes both architectural output and the web, a starting point for content production and traversal.

Year: 2014  Client: Future Expansion
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